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Theatre-maker - Director - Facilitator
Artistic Director - TRANSIT Productions

Rebeka's practice is rooted in embodied physical & vocal discovery, collaboration & play. They access text and character through its rhythm, musicality and dynamics, emphasising the collective in the room. Their work explores themes of migration, folk traditions, climate justice and queerness; subverting gender roles through the physical language of their performers and theatre spaces with an approach that is multidisciplinary and holistic, including natural voice, movement, live music and writing.

Places I Never Think About, 2024

Three performers, all wearing white shirts and traditional Eastern European wear, touching and and starting at one point in surprise, in a humour.

Places I Never Think About

By Transit Productions
Creator - Musical Director - Performer


Performance: Applecart Arts, 2024, The Lion & Unicorn Theatre, 2023
Scratch: Omnibus Theatre Enginge Room, Voila Miniatura 2022
R&D: NDT Broadgate, 2022

A powerful & queer retelling of myths and folklore from Eastern Europe. Through polyphonic singing, live music, storytelling & dance.

"Rebeka Dio, Billie Grace and Irina Anghel have created something really rather special with Places I Never Think Of, and it’s a production that contains a great deal of quiet beauty. It’s a world which isn’t without its dark places, but it knows that even in the hardest of times we need to seek out moments of joy, and celebrate the diversity that surrounds us." - Everything Theatre (review)

Sinead, Leoni and Rebeka (3 people in their mid-twenties) stand around a piano. Rebeka with a clarinet, and they're all laughing.


by The Really Useless Group, a comedy trio consisting of Sinead Hegarty, Leoni Amandi and Rebeka Dio.



The Bill Murray, 2023

The GLITCH part of Vault Festival, 2023

A musical sketch comedy exploring modern life as a queer creative in the clutches of social media.

'Don’t miss their performance of guaranteed giggles and guffaws.' -  North West End Reviews (5 stars)

Mammy Be Grand

Movement Director, Creative Facilitator

Written and created by Aoife Beaumont Howell

Performance at Theatre Peckham, 2023

R&D at The Arcola Theatre, 2022



By Transit Productions
Creator - Movement Director - Performer

The Cockpit for Voila Festival Europe, 2021, 2022 

Offie nominated 

Transit is a surreal exploration of the assimilation /naturalisation process in the United Kingdom, we follow two immigrants as they are confronted with the less than fairytale reality of what it is to live, work and work in the UK when you were born somewhere else. 


a sensorial journey told through live music, dance, poetry and verbatim interviews. Inspired by the biomythic tales of the creative team. Exploring notions of belonging, migration and displacement.

What Makes a Body Terrifying?

Sound Designer

The Hope Theatre, 2022

'Complimenting this performance is Rebeka Dio’s equally entrancing sound design and accompanying music from ‘Dongő’ Balázs Szokolay. The sounds sweep over us like the lapping waves we regularly hear, enough to lure us further into their embraces. We may never want to leave.' - Everything Theatre (5-stars)

What Makes A Body Terrifying is a queer exploration of two strikingly similar folk tales: the Slavic Rusalke and the Celtic Selkies. These two folk tales centre around mythical sea-people - said to shed their skins and become dangerous, beautiful human-forms, who seduce sailors and lure them to their deaths. This piece explores how they use narrative and rhetorical devices to create fear, and how these parallel with the ways fear is generated against queer bodies.


 Bad Sex


Riverside Studios, 2022

Written by Theo Hristov. Loosely based on real events, Bad Sex paints a portrait of the artist as a young man adrift in a city that never sleeps. Liam is a young American actor in the middle of a long West End run when, exacerbated by alcohol and drug abuse, past trauma and unchecked male privilege catch up with him, prompting him to walk off-stage mid-performance in a very public breakdown. 

"Bad Sex is like a shot of flavoured vodka. It will mess you up a little, and leave a bitter aftertaste, but its hidden umami flavour will get you asking for more." - West End Evenings review


Skin in the Game


Theatre 503 - Rapid Write Response, 2022

Written by Lucy Davidson. This short play is a response to Moreno by Pravin Wilkins.

DSC_0501 (1)_edited.jpg

The Fields of Asphodel

Co-Director - Movement Director - Producer

The Fields of Asphodel, written by Aoife Beaumont, explores the lives of seven women throughout history finding themselves stuck in Purgatory with only two of them allowed to move on. In this liminal space between Heaven and Hell, the characters ponder the morality of their decisions made during their lives and go on a journey of personal redemption.

A story of love, sin and expection told through song, movement and text.

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