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Posthuman Symposium

Who We Are

Posthuman Symposium is an initiative exploring positive Posthuman futures in theatre, performance and digital art. We aim to create a dialogue between artists and communities about the future of our planet and the future of humanity. We recognise the urgency of finding alternatives in the face of human and non-human oppression, the climate crisis and neoliberalism. We want to move beyond criticizing failed systems and move ahead with finding solutions. We work with artists across multiple disciplines to create new realities and creative alternatives through experimentation and imagination. We believe posthumanism offers a great lens/an integrated approach for our research.

Why Posthumanism?

We recognise anthropocentric and humanist traditions to be at the core of human and non-human oppression. We challenge the eurocentric ideal of Man as a rational, universal entity, while also challenging species supremacy and the rule of the human over the planet. Posthumanism views the human as a process, rather than a fixed entity. In the face of new technological advancements this open notion gives scope to challenge existing worldviews and aids us in redefining what ‘being human’ means in the 21st century. 


Summer Residency

Our Summer Residency is based at Forest Forge Theatre Co. in the scenic New Forest. Part of the residency artists participate in prompted discussions and work semi-individually on response performances and installations based on the topics.

The aim of the residency is to give artists a platform to develop and further their practice informed by the critical posthumanities.

Online Sketch Night

Posthuman Symposium's Sketch Night is an online platform showcasing work-in-progress pieces experimenting with posthuman aesthetics, radical form and social activism through digital art.

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